Radioprotection leader in Ottawa, Canada at Naurex Group

Date Posted: 4/1/2021

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Responsible for radio protection-related calculations in strict adherence to nuclear safety regulations. Responsible for managing the design according to specifications and safety requirements and taking into account available technologies in nuclear and non-nuclear facilities. Identification, coordination and collaboration with stakeholders for project involving as well as vendors and providers for nuclear and non-nuclear equipment.

• Perform calculations in order to ensure safety (Criticality, source term analysis, dose rate maps, shielding assessments, activation, neutron flux, heat deposition, environmental impact, ALARA criteria implementation), and efficiency (e.g., neutron flux distribution, core burn up rate).

• Develop working documents (procedures, programs, instructions).

• Data collection and follow-up of radiation damage to core structures and reactor vessel.

• Interfacing with the design engineers from different disciplines (nuclear, civil, mechanical and electrical, I&C experts) and coordinate engineering project planning following safety and regulatory requirements.

• Leading the assessment process in which design documents (including drawings and specifications) are reviewed and assessed.

• Providing technical information for the design and correlate with team leaders for further stages of engineering details and construction phase.

• Making the financial planning, planning the technical activities and human resources for future stages of construction, commissioning and operation.

• Monitoring and maintain the quality of processes with engineering teams during design stage.


KNOWLEDGE (Cognitive competence)

- Project management software.

- General management: budget, human resources, defining organizational.

- Objectives and strategies, business improvement, planning, monitoring, evaluating.

- Integrated management system: quality, health & safety, environment, information security.

- Nuclear safety and nuclear safety principles.

- Nuclear power plant: reactor fundamentals, plant systems description.

- Reactor physics theory.

- Safety Culture.

- Engineering graphics, drawings and diagrams.

- Radiation Protection.

- Nuclear physics.

- Nuclear safety regulations.

- Nuclear engineering.

- Nuclear power plant: reactor fundamentals, reactor and power plant process systems, process auxiliary systems, ionizing radiation, heat generation and removal systems, steam supplies system, nuclear chemistry, instrumentation and control system, electrical systems.

- National and international codes and standards.

- Material science and radiation damage.

- Safety culture principles.

- Technical fundamentals: mechanical, electrical, I&C engineering principles.

- Communication techniques: negotiation, presentation, writing.

- Industrial safety.

- Risk assessment.

- Radiation protection.

- Emergency preparedness and emergency response.

SKILLS (Technical and functional competence)

- Support the facility in the area of design engineering, which includes maintenance of the design basis, configuration control of design documentation, responding to facility requests related to system and design function, performance of plant modifications.

- Calculate radiation distribution flux/dose/DPA/heat deposition mapping.

- Calculate criticality and neutronics.

- Predict / model / analyses of nuclear or radioactive facility behavior.

- Use and update databases of reactor fuel assemblies, attachments, control rods, sources, etc.

- Stay updated on changes on the market, regulations and new operating experience to identify market trends, best practices and/or emerging regulatory issues.

- Plan, schedule and monitor activities by using suitable management tools to ensure timely completion within budget.

- Organize and manage teams: keep track of personnel professional development, identify training needs, select new employees, monitor performance of each team, evaluate and report suitability and availability of those within the allocated teams, allocate professional roles, mentor and coach employees, establish duties and responsibilities, ensure proper levels of guidance and direction.

- Design large scale systems and document design solutions.

- Use computer engineering tools.

- Manage activities to the highest standards of safety, security, quality, reliability and efficiency.

- Interface with managers from other disciplines and/or from external organizations.

- Create and participate in professional contact networks.

- Support the development of quality plans and monitor and maintain quality compliance.

- Prepare bid and tender enquiries.

- Coordinate response to non-conformities and to unexpected events.

- Develop business plans and forecast needed resources such as materials and manpower utilization.

- Lead and enforce safety culture.

COMPETENCE (Attitude, behavioral and personal competence)

- Decision making.

- Communication skills.

- Conflict resolution.

- Organizational skills.

- Drive for Achievement.

- Teamwork.

- Accountability.

- Leadership.

- Analytical thinking.