Nuclear Safety engineer in Eurajoki, Finland at Naurex Group

Date Posted: 11/4/2019

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Nuclear Safety Engineer

Start : ASAP

Duration: 9 months

Location : Finland

Job dimension

• Analysing the Nuclear Safety requirements (Defined Quality - QD) detailed by the client;

• Ensure the compliance of Dynamic processes and procedures to INB, PIA, PIC, ESPN requirements

• Ensure the understanding and implementation of the Nuclear Safety requirements by the Dynamic project team (Engineering, Changes…) in the design documents

• Develop Dynamic's Quality Compliance Record (QCR), which represents the formal response of Dynamic to the clients Nuclear Safety requirements, and where all the Defined Requirements are set up

• Support and providing advice to Dynamic's teams on technical issues where nuclear safety is involved

• Develop guidance on specific technical issues related to Nuclear Safety

• Collate Nuclear Safety Team Request For Information and review them before sending for approval

• Ensure Nuclear Safety Culture dissemination to the project resources on site and on the Partner's back-offices.

• Draw up and follow the estimate schedule for the realization of documents;

• Draw up the requests of complementary resources;

• Organize the teams to allow the respect of the estimate schedule for the realization of documents;

• Monitor the progress and technical content of services to allow the respect of the estimate schedule for the realization of documents

• Participate if require in accordance with Partner's Project Managers and Purchase representatives as Nuclear Safety Representative that the Nuclear Safety Requirements are well understood and applied by the subcontractor

• Participate in the technical reviews of the produced documents by the DYNAMIC's teams (technical notes, drawings, specifications, etc.) in application of applicable quality requirements;

• Supplying all documents necessary to follow the advancement of its scope of responsibilities (contractual deliverables: monthly report, studies report, etc.) to the Project Director, as required;

Nuclear Safety Manager represents DYNAMIC Consortium's at technical meetings related to Nuclear Safety within the limits of its authority.

Required profile

Graduated engineer you have at least 5 years' experience in nuclear safety ideally acquired on nuclear projects in the design / construction phase.

Rigorous, with excellent organizational and analytical skills you have broad technical knowledge that allow you to have an overview of the issues encountered.

You like the teamwork and have a good knowledge of English, written and spoken.