Licensing manager in Ottawa, Canada at Naurex Group

Date Posted: 4/1/2021

Job Snapshot

Job Description


Expert in nuclear licensing and nuclear regulatory affairs, including applying for, maintaining, and updating the documentation for the licenses and permits necessary to operate the NPP.

Responsible for assisting in the successful implementation of standards along to the execution of licensing processes and procedures and provide guidance to licensing related process.

  • Developing and defending licensing documentation
  • Preparing documentation supporting these activities, such as topical and technical reports, Safety Analysis Reports, and applications for certifications, permits, and licenses.
  • Coordinate with design personnel to ensure new designs and design changes meet regulatory requirements.
  • Prepare, review, maintain, and defend licensing documentation supporting the design
  • Prepare and defend design licensing position papers for areas where the existing regulatory framework either does not apply, or for which there is a need for the development of new or revised regulatory requirements or guidance.
  • Support project management for licensing activities, including development of licensing submissions.
  • Control the implementation of licensing requirements.
  • Assist the departments for compliance with requirements from the regulators.
  • Support development of engineering and licensing requirements and documentation for nuclear systems and components in an interactive manner with other engineering functional areas.
  • Apply for, maintain and update the necessary licenses and approvals for operation of nuclear power plant.
  • Verify compliance with applicable license conditions, standards, monitoring and reporting requirements
  • Integrate NPP management, plant vendor and other subcontractors permitting and licensing activities to successfully develop applications required for licenses and permits.
  • Manage the plant license documentation.
  • Interact with the relevant regulatory authorities in all licensing aspects (submitting/updating applications, inspections, etc).
  • Establish and develop effective relationships and cooperation with stakeholders both nationally and internationally.
  • Classify information according to security criteria.
  • Prepare and deliver licensing presentations to internal and external organizations.


KNOWLEDGE (Cognitive competence)

  • Comprehensive knowledge of 10 CFR 50 and 10 CFR 52.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of NUREG-0800 (NRC Standard Review Plan for LWRs).
  • Eligible to work under 10 CFR Part 810.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of NRC Regulatory Guides, CNSC REGDOCs, Industry Codes and Standards, and other regulatory guidance.

SKILLS (Technical and functional competence)

  • Stay updated on changes on the market, regulations and new operating experience to identify market trends, best practices and/or emerging regulatory issues.
  • Ability to plan and organize work tasks; and meet deadlines.
  • Dealing with regulatory bodies national and local authorities regarding the legal requirements, specifications, technical specifications, and reports
  • Compile and analyze legal requirements to ensure and promote compliance with statutory regulations.
  • Arguing safety in front of political instances, regulators, technical experts
  • Manage activities to the highest standards of safety, security, quality, reliability, and efficiency.
  • Create and participate in professional contact networks.
  • Demonstrated ability to solve complex nuclear licensing challenges.
  • Strong computer skills.

COMPETENCE (Attitude, behavioral and personal competence)

  • Communication skills
  • Accountability
  • Stress resistance
  • Organisational skills
  • Multitasking and priority setting
  • Pragmatism and Initiative
  • Practice and promote trust and transparent share of information.
  • Conflict resolution
  • Analytical thinking
  • Leadership