Concept R&D Engineer in Monte Carlo, Monaco at Naurex Group

Date Posted: 3/26/2021

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Concept R&D Engineer

  • To define, organize and lead all research and development activities related to Electronic Power Take-Off Systems for Wave Energy Converters based on Electroactive Polymers

  • To develop, validate and make compliant with all relevant and applicable regulations the electrical system architecture of the WEC PTO


  • To lead and supervise the realization of the electrical and electronic packages for the prototype S3 WEC PTO, including custom Electronic Modules, Grid Converters, Auxiliary Power Supply, Energy Storage Systems, Sensing Systems, SCADA, and Cable & Connector Systems

Laboratory & Practical

  • To develop electronic circuit boards and control software for prototypes of new technologies including power electronic converters, transducer sensing systems, high voltage circuitry and control strategies

Main Tasks

Long Term

  • To develop and specify all electrical, electronic and control software components for future PTO generations with increasing power levels and to define and manage the corresponding work packages

  • To model, analyze, develop and optimize novel energy harvesting strategies for variable capacitance transducers

  • To contribute to the WEC technology roadmap by identifying and evaluating novel active energy harvesting topologies and system architectures

  • To identify, implement and mature grid integration and power quality requirements for WECs

  • To liaise with internal experts on the electrical system architecture of the WEC

  • To follow all applicable and relevant legislations, standards and codes and to ensure awareness of their latest revision

  • To set up, steer and supervise research programs with universities on novel grid integration, energy harvesting and sensing technologies

  • To write publications to promote the technologies and innovations in conferences & journals


  • To manage scope, budget and progress of all packages subcontracted to electronic suppliers

  • To perform design validation and verification tests on key modules of electronic system

  • To perform integration, debugging and testing of all electronic and electrical systems of the WEC

  • To program and qualify specific Company IP into the LabVIEW-based SCADA system

  • To lead the development and testing of solid-state circuit breakers for HV DC applications

  • To interact with WEC team and align PTO characteristics and behavior with other disciplines

Laboratory & Practical

  • To analyze, oversee and guarantee the electrical safety of all high-voltage and electronic testing activities in the lab related to the WEC

  • To develop control and acquisition software and tools for WEC test benches

  • To develop electronic prototypes (schematics, PCB, assembly) for research validation and novel designs

  • To identify, model and experimentally validate relevant behavior of dielectric materials

Master in Electrical Engineering or equivalent, with specialization in Power Systems, Electronics and/or Power Electronics

Strong skills

  • Strong practical skills and experience in designing, building and testing electronic prototypes and demonstrators

  • Strong general background in electronics with knowledge of converters, drivers, sensors, actuators, EMC, HV, safety, computer systems, networking, communication, racks & cabinets

  • Strong focus on electrical safety in non-standard configurations

  • Strong theoretical and analytical skills in e.g. physics, energy transduction and circuit analysis

Advanced Knowledge

  • Advanced knowledge of developing and evaluating models in MATLAB, Simulink & SimScape

  • Advanced knowledge of programming control & acquisition systems in LabVIEW (Core, RT & FPGA)

  • Advanced knowledge of design, regulations and safety standards related to High-Voltage up to 10kV DC

  • Advanced knowledge of data acquisition (particularly Analog-to-Digital Conversion) and signal processing (e.g digital filtering, resampling)

  • Advanced knowledge of application and safety of electrostatic energy storage systems (HV capacitors, ultracapacitors, etc)

Be Familiar With

  • Be familiar with developing electronic prototypes (schematic capture, board-level design, simulation) in EDA tools such as Altium Designer

  • Be familiar with electrical behavior of dielectric materials and aware of physical effects such as polarization, high electric fields stress, etc

  • Be familiar with FPGA technology and typical implementations such as high speed data acquisition, digital filter design and state estimation

  • Be familiar with common practices and design challenges in the offshore energy industry