2 Mechanical test report drafters in Eurajoki, Finland at Naurex Group

Date Posted: 10/18/2019

Job Snapshot

Job Description


Location: Finland

Start: ASAP

Duration : 4 months

Job dimension

Within the project, inside and under BNI2 Commissioning Department and under his responsibility, the main duties of the BNI2 Mechanical Equipment (1) Test Drafter are the following :

• Issuance of the test reports,

• Validation of the test results and test reports

• Support to the BNI2 Mechanical equipment commissioning team for the impact analysis from the new Technical Changes on the commissioning documentation and activities

• Support to the Commissioning Engineers for the Release for Application of the Commissioning documentation

• Validation of the requalification tests

• Technical support with other plant organization for the treatment and closure of the commissioning deviations identified during the commissioning tests,

• Support to the BNI2 Mechanical Equipment Team for the License Holder Commissioning Inspections, Regulatory Commissioning Inspections and Take-Over of Systems to Temporary Operation before Fuel loading.


• Test Reports,

• Review Sheet for the test reports

Required profile

Fluent in English


• The successful candidate should possess the following skills:

• General or mechanical engineer.

• At least 2 years field experience in nuclear power plant or preliminary working period within nuclear project. Oil & Gas & shipbuilding experience can also be considered.

• PWR technology & EPR technology knowledge would be a plus.

• MS office knowledge

• Document writing capacity.

• Versatile, Adaptable, Rigorous, Good interpersonal skills, Client & results oriented, attention to detail.

List of mechanical equipment:

FAA01 New fuel dry storage racks

FAA20 New fuel handling tool

FAB20 Fuel assembly insert handling manual tool

FAB 21 Spent fuel handling manual tool

FAB22 Tilting basket tool

FAB02 Underwater fuel storage racks

FAE30 Reactor cavity task lights

FAE31 Reactor cavity flood lights

FAB31 Spent fuel pit flood lights

FBA01 Multi-inspection facility (for spent fuel assemblies)

FBA02 On line sipping test

FBA03 Off line sipping test

FBA10 New fuel examination facility and TV system

FBB01 Fuel assembly reconstitution facility

FCB01 Refueling machine

FCB02 Bridge (refueling machine)

FCB03 Trolley (refueling machine)

FCB04 Fuel assembly hoist (refueling machine)

FCB05 Fuel assemblies insert hoist (refueling machine)

FCB06 Mast with gripper for fuel assemblies (refueling machine)

FCB07 Mast with gripper for fuel assemblies inserts (refueling machine)

FCB08 Integrated shoehorns for fuel assembly guiding (refueling machine)

FCB10 Video system core mapping

FCB30 Centralized control unit reactor building (with fuel handling system network)

FCD01 Spent fuel mast bridge

FCD02 Bridge (spent fuel mast bridge)

FCD03 Trolley (spent fuel mast bridge)

FCD04 Hoist (spent fuel mast bridge)

FCD05 Mast with gripper (spent fuel mast bridge)

FCD06 Tower with rotation device (spent fuel mast bridge)

FCD07 Fuel Assembly guiding system (spent fuel mast bridge)

FCD10 Fuel elevator.

FCD30 Centralized control unit fuel building (with fuel handling system network)

FCD40 Defective fuel assembly insert storage adapter

FCJ01 Fuel transfer facility

FCJ02 Hoist reactor building (fuel transfer facility)

FCJ03 Hoist fuel building (fuel transfer facility)

FCJ04 Conveyor car with fuel container (fuel transfer facility)

FCJ05 Transfer tube with expansion joints, tape and manual valve (fuel transfer facility)

FCJ06 Traveling rigid chain with emergency system (fuel transfer facility)

FCJ07 Runway track with tilting frame reactor building side (fuel transfer facility)

FCJ08 Runway track with tilting frame fuel building side (fuel transfer facility)

JMA90 Tube of fuel transfer facility

FBC10 Vacuum cleaner

FCB60 Instrumentation lance handling tool (lance grab)

FCB61 Instrumentation guide funnel tool

FCB62 Control rod drive shaft latching / unlatching tool

FCB63 Control rod drive shaft handling tool

FCB64 Lance finger cutting tool

FAF03 Instrumentation lance storage racks

FCJ10 Spent fuel cask transfer machine

FCJ11 Biological lid handling station (spent fuel cask transfer machine)

FCJ12 Penetration including Loading pit bottom cover (spent fuel cask transfer machine)

FCJ13 Traveling platform (spent fuel cask transfer machine) (trolley)

FCJ14 Cask positioning and adjustment system including trunnions (spent fuel cask transfer machine)

FCJ15 Trunnion blocking system fluid circuits on the trolley (spent fuel cask transfer machine)

FCJ16 Fluid circuits in the Fuel building (spent fuel cask transfer machine)

FJA Reactor Vessel closure Head

FJA Multi Stud Tensioning Machine

FJB01 Reactor Building platform

JAB Irradiation Capsules Tools

JAC RPV Internals handling tools

JME Equipment hatch

JMF Personal airlock

JMG Emergency airlock

SMF01:Fuel building auxiliary crane

SMJ01:Reactor building polar crane and the Cover Slab Lifting Device

SMJ04:Cover Slab Lifting Device

SMZ01: Gantry crane outside fuel building UFA